Why Feeding Your Dog Natural Treats Is the Best Option

Why Feeding Your Dog Natural Treats Is the Best Option

Dec 07 , 2020

Hearty Puppy

Food plays a key role in our lives, and of course, the same goes for that of our beloved furry friends. What your pup consumes has a direct impact not just on their physical health, but also their mental health. Doing what’s best for your dog can start by taking the all-important step of making the decision to go natural with his or her food.

Of course, switching won’t be easy, especially if your dog already has his or her favorite dog food. An easy way to incorporate natural food into the diet is using the best possible entry point: treats. There are a lot of benefits and no adverse effects to natural, healthy dog treats.

There are several reasons why feeding your dog natural treats is the best option.


Pet allergies are quite difficult to treat and can bring a lot of discomfort to your dog. Unfortunately, one of the more common ways these allergic reactions to food manifest in dogs is severe skin problems. The best treats for puppies are natural ones since the chances of any food allergies being triggered are considerably reduced. They are also gentle on the dog’s stomach, which reduces inflammation and lowers the chances of a reaction.

Corn, soy, and wheat, which are common canine allergens, are not found in high-quality natural treats.

Dental Benefits

Since there are no artificial sweeteners or harmful chemicals in natural treats, your dog’s oral health will be maintained. Some treats are made specifically to help remove accumulated tartar, plaque, and dirt between teeth. While they are initially hard, the bars become soft with chewing, making them helpful to your pup’s gums and teeth. 


Many dog treats have artificial, low-quality ingredients made with animals who were pumped with antibiotics and hormones. Antibiotics protect pets from illnesses, while hormones are generally given at an early age for their muscle development and growth. The downside to feeding these treats to your pets consistently is that immunity may build up against antibiotics. 

Additionally, hyperactivity can stem from ingesting hormones, and this becomes a trigger for various health conditions to occur. On the other hand, natural dog treats have neither antibiotics nor any hormones, which makes them the higher-quality choice.

Mental Health Boost

An imbalance in your dog’s gut flora can occur through the possible irritation from highly processed treats. This is something to be cautious of, because that is integral for good mental health and a positive mood. Much like us humans, your dog’s brain, heart, and stomach can be sensitive to what they drink or eat. Getting treats that are high-quality and natural will contribute to better digestion, increased energy, and stronger immunity for your dog. It also lowers the risk of diseases. 

One of the best mental stimulators for dogs is chewing, so make sure they’re chewing on goodness!


Whatever your beloved dog consumes food-wise has a direct correlation to how they act, behave, feel, and look. When you give them natural and unadulterated treats, they will have a healthy and shiny coat, good energy for playing and running, and strong immunity. Keeping a good balance will be key in making sure your pup lives a long, happy, healthy life.

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