Vegan Canine: The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Dogs

Vegan Canine: The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet for Dogs

Dec 07 , 2020

Hearty Puppy

Switching to a vegan diet has been well-known to be beneficial for people, but most people might not know that it’s also suitable for dogs! Vegan dog treats and food are an excellent way to provide your pups with the right nutrition, especially if they suffer from recurring health issues such as joint pain, itchy skin, and digestive problems. 

Many pet owners may hesitate to give their dogs a vegan diet; after all, it’s still uncharted territory for a majority of dog lovers out there. What if their furry friends don’t get all the nutrients that meat provides? What if the dogs don’t like the food?

If you have these concerns, then read on to learn more about the many benefits a vegan diet has for a happy and healthy puppy. 

Vegan Treats are Easily Digestible

Investing in treats with natural ingredients is good for dogs with digestive issues. While vegan formulas are easy on the digestive tract, meat-based dog foods are often harsher on dogs’ digestive systems, as animal proteins have inflammatory and acidifying effects. 

If your dog is experiencing difficulty digesting, then incorporating vegan-based dog food into their diet will help clear up any harmful symptoms, even for sensitive dogs.

Vegan Dog Food is Allergen-Friendly and Anti-Inflammatory

Whether you notice it immediately or not, dogs can also develop food allergies the way humans do. The most common food allergies in dogs are from eggs, meat, and dairy. It was commonly believed that grain in dog food caused many health issues in pets, but this is a surprisingly uncommon cause of food allergies. Dogs react more adversely to animal proteins than they do to grains and plant-based ingredients.

Food allergies will usually manifest as rashes, itchy skin, digestion problems, vomiting, and fur loss. Not only does it make your dog feel unwell, but constant exposure to these allergens over time can harm your pet’s immune system. Plant-based diets will provide a healthy nutrition source for your dogs without the presence of unwanted allergens that can cause chronic and uncomfortable symptoms. 

Vegan dog food also has anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve joint pain and arthritis—which is perfect for older dogs. Switching to this diet will allow your pet to move with ease, go on longer walks, and have more fun on trips to the park. 

Plant-Based Treats Help Manage Weight

Many overweight dogs struggle with losing pounds because they are still on the same diet despite being given a highly reduced portion size. Since vegan food and treats for dogs are made of lean and easily digestible ingredients, it becomes easier for dogs to enjoy their meal and shed the excess pounds to lead more active and healthy lifestyles. 

Introducing Vegan Dog Food to Your Pet’s Diet

Just like you would with a new brand of food products, switching over to a vegan diet should be done gradually in order not to confuse the dog’s stomach. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth transition:

Introduce It a Small Amount at a Time

Whether you’re introducing treats or everyday dog food, it’s important to start with a small amount. Your dog will get used to the flavor, texture, and new ingredients—provided that they’re given an adjustment period. 

You can slowly increase their portions incrementally as the weeks pass by. 

Mix Vegan Dog Food With Current Dog Food

A good way to start is by mixing a small amount of vegan dog food into your pet’s current diet. Try replacing a third of their food with the new vegan dog food. In a couple of weeks, make the ratio half vegan and half of the previous food. Continue with this pattern until you’ve fully made the switch. 

You must monitor any changes in your dog’s well-being, especially with their digestion. If your pup starts to have diarrhea, scale back on the vegan dog food and add it even more slowly. 


Getting to the root of your pet’s health problems can be done with the proper diet, and providing them with a plant-based and nutritionally rich alternative is extremely beneficial. Like humans, dogs can experience joint pain, inflammation, and skin irritation—but the right diet can significantly improve their health. By investing in vegan treats made specifically for dogs, you’ll have a much healthier and happier pup!

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