Should I Let My Dog Be Vegan? What You Need to Know

Should I Let My Dog Be Vegan? What You Need to Know

Jan 03 , 2021

Aron Schoenfeld

Many dog parents are more conscious about the health and diet practices of their furry loved ones. Because of this, many are considering changing their dog's diet and letting them be vegan.

However, many people are still unsure about this diet and how it can affect their dogs. But if you need an answer right now whether your dog should be vegan, the short answer is yes.

As long as you give your dog the appropriate micronutrient supplements, like enzymes, probiotics, and antioxidants, your dog will remain healthy and strong. Some dogs get sufficient nutrients from vegan puppy treats, like ones from Hearty Puppy.

If you're still iffy about changing your dog's diet, don't worry; we've got you covered. Here's everything you need to know about changing your dog's diet to a vegan diet. 

Your dog is consuming harmful, processed food

Many dog owners don't know that the food they give their dogs is processed food, which ultimately is damaged food. Why would you want to feed your dog with harmful and unethical food options when there are better alternatives that can give the proper nutrients and keep them safe?

Is there such a thing as veganism for dogs?

If we consider what's happening on our planet, going vegan is the better option. Scientifically, it shows that animal agriculture contributes to more than half of the greenhouse gas emissions on our planet, which is responsible for the rapid effects of global warming. Ideally, if we stop consuming dead animals and their "excretions," such as dairy, eggs, and cheese, climate change would dramatically improve. 

With that, you should know that even our pets can try to be vegan and contribute to saving our planet. Besides being a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice, however, it is understood that dogs are known to be omnivorous carnivores but are very adaptable. And for this reason, dogs can still flourish on a vegan diet and receive all the nutrients they need. 

What goes in a dog's vegan diet?

If you want to switch your dog's diet to veganism, there are dog-friendly foods you can incorporate into meals, such as veggies, rice, quinoa, lentils, some beans, and more. 

Besides that, you need to remember that a vegan dog diet will require you to pay close attention to amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and that you should prepare the right amounts of these foods and supplements so that you can provide adequate nutrients for your dog. 

But before you switch them to a vegan diet, ensure that you do proper research and ask for assistance from your vet regarding the veggies and plants they can eat. 

As for treats, thankfully, there are vegan dog snacks available in reliable dog shops like Hearty Puppy that can offer the right nutrients and vitamins for your dog.


Changing your dog's diet and switching to veganism will not only do good for the environment, but it will also give your dog numerous health benefits that will improve the quality of their life. By speaking to your dog's vet, creating a vegan food program for your dog, and incorporating vegan dog snacks, your dog's health and well-being will dramatically improve.  

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