Habits of Dog Owners That Affect Their Pet's Diets

Habits of Dog Owners That Affect Their Pet's Diets

Dec 07 , 2020

Hearty Puppy

Dogs are loyal to their owners until the end and will dedicate themselves to whoever decides to take them home and give them a good life. These pets are a prime choice for many active owners looking for a buddy that loves playtime and lots of affection. While they may seem like a walk in the park, dogs require plenty of time and routine to keep up with their training. 

It might seem tempting to shower your new pet in puppy treats because of training purposes. While dog food and treats are undoubtedly the way to a canine’s heart in most cases, it pays to keep track of how much you are giving your pet. Allowing them to overindulge in food or doing so at the wrong times can make things challenging in the long run. Here are things you might be doing that are damaging the way your dog eats:

How Your Behavior Affects Canines

You might be wondering why your dog refuses to eat or why it leaves out food each day. Many owners see this as worrisome, which leads them to change the food brand and type or try to make their pets excited to eat by introducing cooked meals. These are not the best techniques to use, especially when they are still in the puppy phase. 

Owners often get lazy and just leave their dog’s food bowl out in the open. While canines are definitely called man’s best friend for a reason, they still need to be subject to the right routines to develop their best behaviors. Many puppies that aren’t given the proper schedule to go to the bathroom, play, and eat typically develop nasty personality traits because of how they start to be fussy and picky. 

There is a saying that your dog should not be living a life that is similar to your own, as this is where bad behaviors start to manifest. After these have become locked into your pet’s way of life, it can be difficult to correct because of how dogs learn things. Letting them act as if they are humans can lead to difficulties training them and keeping them controlled. Some might even develop attitude problems and growl and bite at guests who come into your home. 

Swapping Food Products Without Affecting Behavioral Training

Dogs respond well to smooth transitions, which is why jolting their appetite with new dog food and treats can make them change their personalities. They might be confused about tasting new food, and they might not recognize the change well. Canines can get gastrointestinal stress caused by a sudden shift in diet, which can get them sick.

The best way to introduce a new diet to your pet is to slowly mix in the new brand with their current one over a few days. This slow introduction should ease them into their new diet without shocking their system with a noticeable change or difference. 

Why Dogs Shouldn’t Be Eating Human Food

It can be tempting to give in to your dog’s sweet look when you’re eating your favorite homecooked meals by preparing extras for them. Dog food and treats are made so that they do not develop fussiness regarding what they eat. Human food is seen as a luxury and has plenty of flavor to animals, making it a bad idea to give these regularly. They might develop an expensive taste that will make them unable to shift back to regular dog food. 


Dogs have their dietary requirements, and most of these are met by giving them a proper feeding schedule and the right food for their age and size. Additionally, offering puppy treats are suitable for training but should not be overdone to prevent shocking their system with new flavors and tastes. Giving dog food and treats at a healthy rate will help your best friend keep a good temperament and improve their discipline. 

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