A Guide to Training Your Dog With the Right Treats

A Guide to Training Your Dog With the Right Treats

Dec 14 , 2020

Hearty Puppy

Dog training can be a bit of a challenge, especially if your furry best friend is a little bit more precocious or if you haven’t figured out what kind of treats they like. For the training to be easier and more effective, it is important to use only the best dog treats so you can maintain their focus and attention. Not only that, but if you want to ensure your furry friend is the perfect image of health, the treats you use have to be healthy in addition to being delicious. 

Having the best dog treats is a start, but it is also important to use them in the right ways. To help you do that, we have designed this guide for people hoping to improve their dog’s behavior.

Treat Rewards vs Other Rewards

Some dog owners reward their animals in training with games of tug-the-rope or plenty of praise. This can yield results, but the behavioral method pales in comparison with the best dog treats. With food, you can repeat certain commands more easily—which is key to long-term retention. 

Treats are also wonderful or luring dogs into training. You can do so by opening the treat in your hand and closing it, engaging their nose so they can smell it. From there, it isn’t too difficult to entice them to follow you, control their head movements, position their body, and so on. 

The trick here is switching to a prompt as soon as possible. A prompt is an action or phrase that acts as a signal for them to do a specific action.this could be a hand motion that looks similar to when you hold the treat in your hand as well. This prompt, once they remember it, could be a signal that something they are about to do can possibly be rewarded. 

The Best Dog Treats for Training

It is not uncommon for owners to bring out the big guns for their dogs’ training, making treats out of chicken and bacon. However, without proper preparation, these might prove incredibly unhealthy for your animal. The excess fat in bacon, for example, can heighten the risk of pancreatitis in your dog. 

As such, it is important to use only properly-formulated treats and healthy foods. It might not even hurt to experiment with vegetables; some dogs have been known to take well to crunchy broccoli, which is a great source of nutrition for them. 

Some dogs prefer soft and savory foods, others prefer dry and crunchy. Some dogs like them freeze-dried, cooked, or raw. For training sessions, however, it is recommended to choose a soft food. Your dog will take less time to chew on this, and there is a smaller chance of crumbs and pieces falling to the floor. This will lower the chance of distractions. 

Final Thoughts

Once you have decided on the best dog treats for your pet, you can expect for the training to run more smoothly. However, it is important to be patient with your best friend, as they will definitely try to play, misbehave, get distracted, and so on over the course of it. Just remember to keep rewarding them for good behavior at all times. 

If you’re looking for the best dog treats for training, send us at Hearty Puppy a message. Our treats are made from superfoods and all-natural ingredients to keep your dog 100% healthy.