4 Things to Remember When Training Your Dog With Treats

4 Things to Remember When Training Your Dog With Treats

Jan 18 , 2021

Aron Schoenfeld

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dogs. For this, you will need to use treats. Treats will allow your dog to enjoy training, and condition them to behave properly. However, it is important to maintain a strategy with your puppy treat reward system lest your dog develop unexpected bad habits. 

To help keep your furry friend in line, we have created this guide to dog training with puppy treats. These details might just help you foster a great relationship with your furry best friends!

The reward system

The first thing you need to instill in your dog is that good behavior is rewarded. Teach them to understand that training time is an opportunity for them to receive their favorite rewards. Make sure to also keep the rewards consistent when they follow your commands. Failure to do so might end up hampering their trust and ability to learn. 


Nearly all tricks and behaviors are taught via luring. Luring is the act of positioning and moving the treat in such a way that a dog will take a preferred position or stance. For example, when a dog needs to be taught how to sit, you have to hold the treat close to their nose and move it slowly back over their head.

The dog will lick stick their noses up to follow the treat, requiring them to sit down. This trick can also be used for “Down!” and “Roll over!”.


Dogs can forget quickly and have short attention spans. With all the energy in their system and all the possible distractions they might have, this isn’t uncommon at all. What this means, however, is that your timing must be perfect when rewarding them. Missing the cue by half a second might train them the wrong way or give them enough time to get distracted. 

For example, when a dog is being trained to sit, they should receive the treat the moment their butt hits the ground. 

The right treats

Training your dog will take a lot of treats. As such, the treats must be small and nutritious. Something they can nibble should do the trick. If kibble and other dog treats aren’t working, it might be time to up the ante with some more delicious food. 

However, make sure that you don’t overfeed them lest they start to become unhealthy and lethargic. As a good rule of thumb, treats should only be about 10% of a dog’s diet. Make sure to count those treats as you distribute them. If your animal is proving particularly precocious, try to get them to exercise a little bit more. 

Final thoughts

Proper dog training is the gateway to a better and healthier relationship with your dogs. Not only that, but it can allow them to behave better around other people and other animals as well. You might just find that your dog is happier and healthier if you train them correctly with the right puppy treats.

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