3 Common Myths About Vegan Dog Food Debunked: Our Guide

3 Common Myths About Vegan Dog Food Debunked: Our Guide

Dec 27 , 2020

Aron Schoenfeld

Many vegans love to have dogs as their companions because they are personable and easy to get along with. However, you may be concerned with your furry friend’s dietary needs as you also want your pet to live the vegan lifestyle. Fortunately, you can! But you may have reservations because of what you heard from other pet owners. That’s why you need to set the records straight by debunking the common myths! 

This article will discuss the three myths about vegan dog treats and meal options. Take this as an opportunity to be more inclusive with your healthy lifestyle and look after your pet’s health and well-being! 

Myth# 1: Dogs hate the taste of fruits and vegetables, meaning the vegan diet is impossible! 

Most dog owners believe that their furry friends cannot handle the taste of fruits and vegetables because they don’t eat them, especially when you replace their meaty treats with raw veggies. However, that’s misleading! 

The truth is your dog may have already developed an appetite for meats, meaning it can take some time until they can develop a taste for vegan flavors. All you have to do is ensure they are given the best food options to help make their dietary transition easier and worthwhile! 

The best way to help your pooch become more acquainted with veganism is to do your research, just as you did for your lifestyle! Different vegan dog treats are also available for your convenience to ensure daily meal preparation is just as hassle-free and exciting! 

Myth# 2: Aren’t dogs not supposed to eat grapes and citrus fruits? That means all plant-based foods are a no-no! 

Every responsible dog owner knows that certain foods are not allowed, like chocolates. The same goes for grapes and citrus fruits because certain nutrients in them are considered poisonous to dogs. However, it’s wrong to make the sweeping generalization that veganism is not possible just because certain fruits and vegetables are not allowed! 

Fortunately, there are now more knowledgeable vegans who have dogs of their own and know that there are vegan dog treats out there made with pooch-friendly ingredients, like spirulina, apples, and coconut oil! 

Myth# 3: Dogs need lean proteins to become well-developed and behaved

You may be disappointed, and you were led to believe that healthy dog treats are all meat-based and packed with protein, like chicken and beef, because that’s just as nature intended. However, that’s all just false advertising and scientifically bogus! In fact, on a biological basis, your pooch’s ancestors were once strictly vegan eaters, particularly of the starchy variety! 

A study shows that dogs have a dominant gene called AMY2B, which is crucial for amylase production. It means your furry friends needed to eat starchy plants. The only reason dogs are perceived to eat meat is due to mass marketing, the cosmopolitan lifestyle, and breeding, which conditioned many dogs to become domesticated. 

These findings and realizations mean that your dog can eat vegan foods, and you can look after their health and well-being to learn about the facts, seek veterinary help when needed, and walk alongside them as they learn to adapt to new things! 


The vegan diet and lifestyle are more accessible than you might think for your furry companions. Fortunately, you now have a better grasp of the truth! All you have to do is ensure you can conveniently stock up on the best products to build the perfect vegan diet for your pooch. Remember all the previously mentioned debunked myths and stay committed to veganism and loving your dog today! 

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