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Hearty Puppy

Hearty Puppy's Superfood Dog Treats are made with human grade super foods that are highly valued for their incredible nutrients.

  • Human Grade Ingredients

    All our ingredients are human grade super foods, and the best way to keep your dog feeling great

  • 100% Vegan

    All our products are made from plant-based natural superfoods, giving your dog a delicious energizing snack

  • All Natural Ingredients

    We use only premium quality, natural, Non-GMO ingredients with no additional colors or flavors

The Hearty Puppy Story

Hearty Puppy was born when a veterinarian and a French pastry chef decided to create a better way to show love to our dogs. Hearty Puppy uses only the finest, healthiest ingredients including specially chosen superfoods. Give your heart to the dog you love. Give your dog Hearty Puppy

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